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Jul 18, 2014

Spotlight Guest Desciple

Desciple, (after dedicating his’ life to Christ. Being baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost) began his career in 2006. After performing at various churches, gaining a small following and buzz, released the "Communion" EP in early January 2007. 
Continuing in the growth of his’ ministry, he later started the label Next 2 Godliness Music Inc. (in which he is the current C.O.O.) and released his first CD entitled Sound Doctrine in July 2009. 
In 2011, Desciple joined Mustard Seed Generation (M.S.G.) and in 2012 released the single Take Dem Cuffs Off, and Separate Me. And in 2013 released Im Reapin’, ft. Brotha Dre & D.J. Intangibles. Im Reapin’ gained heavy rotation on the local Christian radio station creating a buzz and a "2nd start" for Desciple. 
Later that year, Desciple released his' first full album wit M.S.G. entitled "Living Epistle". Promoting the release of the album with the theme,"National Desciple Day/Week", he released the album for digital download on 11/13 (his birthday) and hard copies two days later at the release concert for the CD "DESCIPLE:UNPLUGGED". Known for his electric stage presence and performance he joined with a live band and background vocalists to create a history-making event.

A profound lyricist, storyteller, the "rappers rapper" used The Bible, his own riveting testimony and edgy production to create a nostalgic sound on the cutting edge. Riding the success, Desciple is soon to release videos for "I Am" and "WORK". And is preparing to release his' next project with M.S.G. entitled "Beatitudes" as well as a prayer CD, "A Desciple's Prayer. Connect with Desciple on FB Listen to the broadcast